A Guide To Setting ISO

A Guide to setting ISO

  • ISO is a rating that describes the sensitivity to light on to film/ digital sensor. And will give you flexibility whatever the lighting condition. The speed at which the film absorbs light.
  • Changing the ISO on the camera adjusts the sensitivity of the image sensor to the available light. Using a higher ISO setting in the camera means the camera will need less light to make an exposure but also has the effect of lowering the quality of the image by introducing ‘noise’ (noise in an image can be likened to film grain or interference on a TV). This noise leads to the loss of smooth tone in a digital image that becomes more noticeable the larger the image is printed or magnified on screen.

ISO Settings

50 – 200       For Very bright sunny days

400 ISO          A good all rounder setting

800 ISO          For interiors, low light outdoor

subjects or action photography

1600 ISO       For night photography or indoor

low light available


A high ISO setting will allow a fast shutter speed in order to freeze rapidly moving subject matter. If used with a slow ISO setting there is usually insufficient light to use the faster shutter speeds available on the camera.


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