Surreal Brief

This week students were given  The Surreal Brief

Theme:  Capturing the surreal world

Definition of Surreal – ‘a surreal mix of fact and fantasy’ Oxford Dictionary

There’s no right or wrong when it comes down to it because Surrealism is what you make of it.  Explore the world around you with a fresh eye, capture a  close up of objects positioned in an alien environment or capture a foreign landscape by constructing alternative realities.

Experiment with composition:

Vantage point, perspective, line, texture, form, shape, symmetry, framing, balance, focus

Suggestions for ideas:

Little and large

Trash or treasure

Light and form

Old and New



Martin Parr, Andy Goldsworthy, Man Ray, Bill Brandt, Francesca Woodman, Cindy Sherman, Andreas Gursky, Eugene Atget’s  book La Révolution Surréaliste  1926, Lee Miller,Yayoi Kusama

To be completed by 16th Nov


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