Picture Makers, Creative Photographic Course is starting 1st Feb…….

Nurtured In Concrete Form – Sheree Murphy

”The raw materials of photography are light and time and memory”

Keith Carter

Picture Makers, creative photography course focuses  upon the creative side of photography focusing upon the artist as a photographer at The Pontardawe Art Centre. Open to all abilities. You will learn the basics of how a camera works, ISO, White Balance, composition and capturing a photograph, you will explore historical and contemporary photographers, produce your own photographic portfolio through mini projects, there will be a photographic walk and informal group exhibition at Cinema & Co, Swansea to celebrate your accomplishment with family and friends. The course fee is £80 which can be paid in two instalments.

Or if you can take part as a long distance learner which suites a lot of people who can fit the course around there busy lives but are still able to nurture their creativity. And you don’t have to be in the UK to take part,I had a student last year who took part from Portugal, you will also be able to keep in touch with fellow Picture Makers online too with the Picture Maker’s blog.  The fee for long distant learners is £40. including exhibition and photographic walk.

To book your place or  to find more info please email

sheree.murphy@hotmail.com or 07960184923


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