A photographic treasure hunt…..

Students took part in the first Picture Makers Photographic Walk, in the SA1 area of Swansea. Students completed a photographic treasure hunt capturing photographs in nocturnal area of Swansea.

 Picture Makers SA1 Walk 11.03.17

Remember compositional techniques; vantage point, balance, line, tension, tone and texture.

But most of all have Fun!

1). A photograph of a street name with letter ‘E’.

2). A photograph of Movement *Tip ‘Long Shutter Speed’ (TV or S Button on camera).

3). A photograph capturing the colour red.

4). A photograph capturing Shadows.

5). Shared idea of capturing a photograph with your ‘fellow Picture Maker’.

6). A photograph displaying a ‘weathered object or scene’.

7). Today’s date.

8). A poetic photograph.

9). A Sign of ‘Spring’.

10). Reflections

Places to visit in SA1 and Marina;

New SA1 Development over the bridge from Sainsburys (New Architecture)

Marina (Older Nautical Side of SA1)

Observational Tower/ Swansea Bay

Dylan Thomas Centre

Mission Gallery

 – Thank you Kelly for sharing your photos and positive comments

I really enjoyed Saturday! I  Learned so much from working with someone else and watching them work too – what was really interesting though is how we both saw picture opportunities but approached it completely differently,  I loved it!!
Rachel’s photos from her photographic work

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