Picture Makers Summer School Starting in June


Picture Maker’s is a creative photographic course focusing upon the artist as a photographer. Open to all abilities. Students will explore the history of photography and its relativity to today’s digital age. Complete a series of photographic projects and develop photographic skills which will provide a platform to produce effective and creative photographs. Courses are also available to Long Distance Learners too.

What you will learn;

  • Understand how a camera works (Digital Camera/35mm SLR)
  • Composition and capturing a photograph
  • Photo Quality; ISO & White Balance
  • 2 photographic walks
  • Compile your own photographic portfolio
  • Explore photographic techniques; landscape, portraiture and still life


Course Details;

Courses available at The Environment Centre, Swansea  05.06.17 & The Pontardawe Art Centre 06.06.17

7.30pm till 9pm

6 week course  Fee £80

Course also open to Long Distance Learners fee £40


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