‘Scale’ and ‘Alternative Realities’ – lets take a peek into Katie Ball’s portfolio

Scale Brief – Produce a set of six photographs investigating the theme of ‘Scale’. Your work should demonstrate how the frame can be used to create compositions of shape, line and pattern. You should consider not only the shapes of your subject matter but also those formed between subject and the frame.

Choosing your subject matter;

Remember the theme is about ‘scale’ this could be approached by capturing detailed close-ups i.e. patterns in nature or manmade form or large scaled subjects i.e. architecture, landscape.

Think about your ‘Vantage Point’ will you capture your subject from a close or distant photographic range.

Research; Photographers who have used ‘scale’ as themes in their photography

Karl Blossfeldt – Started taking magnified photographs of plants 40 yrs before they were published in 1928. His intention was to collect examples and inspire his students with beauty of nature’s forms. He built himself a camera with an enormous extension, which allowed him to magnify images of plants up to 45 times.

Paul Strand –An American Photographer 1890 -1976 took influence from Avante – garde painters Picasso and Cezanne. Most influential photographers of the 21st Century, His work is characterized by great richness of surface detail. Strand has incorporated shadows within the landscape and architecture. To add extra dimensions into the landscape using an abstract approach to capturing photographs.

Daniel Beltra 2007 – Spanish born photographer is passionate about conservation and finds the fragility of the planet’s ecosystems easier to see from the air. Based in Seattle, Washington, he traveled to the antarctic with Greenpeace and photographed icebergs from a helicopter.






Katie’s Second Brief – Alternative Realities – Connecting to the Landscape.

Picture postcards, calendars and travel brochures show us glimpses of romantic, majestic and idyllic location to be admired and appreciated. The beautiful and wonderful are identified, observed, recorded and labelled repeatedly by professionals, tourists and travelers. Photography responds to the basic social needs and expectations to capture, document and appreciate.

In order to avoid a stereotypical representation it is important to connect emotionally with the environment in order to express something personal. How do you as an individual feel about the location and what do you want to say about it?








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