Picture Maker’s Summer School

Picture Maker’s photography course focuses upon the creative aspect of photography, open to all abilities. Throughout the course students will develop their knowledge of the content of the subject that is photographed rather than being weighed down by the technical aspect, freeing up their creative eye to produce effective and creative photographs. Complete a series of photographic projects and develop photographic skills which will provide a platform to produce effective and creative photographs. Along with the course there will be two photographic walks which will provide a great opportunity to be out and about sharing and learning new perspectives of capturing a photograph.

What you will learn;
Understand how a camera works (Digital Camera/35mm SLR)
Composition and capturing a photograph
Photo Quality; ISO & White Balance
2 photographic walks
Compile your own photographic portfolio
Explore photographic techniques; landscape, portraiture and still life

Course Start Dates;
06.06.17 The Pontardawe Art Centre, Pontardawe, Swansea
Time 7.30pm till 9pm Course Duration 6 week course Fee £80

To book your place please email; sheree.murphy@hotmail.com or 07960184923

Flexible Learning
Courses are also available to Long Distance Learners too.



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