Picture Maker’s Photographic Walk

Picture Maker’s summer school finished with a photographic walk around Swansea. Below is the practical brief set, we started in the SA1 area of Swansea and then followed a route into Swansea, along Wind Street, up to Highstreet and finishing at The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery to enjoy the photography exhibition on show.

Picture Maker’s Photographic Treasure Hunt

Remember to think about Composition; Line, Focus, vantage point, balance, tension….

But Most of all have fun!

1). A photograph of ‘line’

Kelly’s photoLines

Bethan’s photo

IMG_0598 (2)

2). A photograph of the  colour ‘Blue’

Kelly’s photoBlue

Bethan’s photo


3). A photograph of the ‘new’

Kelly’s photo


Bethan’s photo



4). A photograph of ‘reflection’

Kelly’s photo


Bethan’s photo


5). A photograph of ‘shadow’

Bethan’s photo




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