Student Testimonials

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course yet again. The guidance given helped me look and consider how I photograph landscapes etc ., and how to use light. I feel that I still need to progress with getting in closer to subjects and also becoming more confident with photographing people. I need also to learn how to create a blog and get involved in photography projects. The feedback from each assignment is very helpful and encouraging.”

Bethan Griffiths 2017

“Once again I have really enjoyed the course, however as I have had a few ‘personal issues’ over the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to dedicate the time I would have liked to, to concentrating on the projects. I feel that my confidence has increased when it comes to taking photographs and I have even manages to take some of members of public which I was always too scared to do before! I am also getting more familiar with the various settings on my camera and feel a lot more comfortable using it than I did at the start of the courses.  Thank you!”

Kelly Fry 2017

”I have really enjoyed taking part in the course. Working externally on a course has been a new experience for me and has given me a chance to be involved within the group. It has also been great to be able to talk with Sheree over skype and email about my work and other photographers work”

Amy Martin 2016

”I have developed a less constrained way of working and got more confidence in experimenting with style. I will continue to develop the look and feel that I have started working with. Thanks”

Eleanor Flaherty 2016

”I enjoyed the project- line/views/perspective and was pleased with my photos. I have learnt more about taking portraits. And I am pleased with the photos I have taken for the assignment. The project of Surreal photography was interesting. It certainly made me think outside my ‘comfort zone”.

Dr Phil Davis 2016

”During the course, we have learnt to read photos and this has helped with my own composition. I have more understanding of the camera and how it works.”

Janet La Grange 2015

” I feel I have accomplished the learning goals. I feel more confident using the camera, had a lot of fun having an excuse to take lots of pics and definitely would like to learn more!”

Cecilia Mota 2015

”More at ease with use of camera and confident with applying various composition techniques. The exploration of the most renowned photographic artists I found to be inspirational and shall further motivate within my photography goals.”

Craig Brewer 2015


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