What’s your favourite documentary photograph?

Picture Makers share their choices;

Kelly’s photograph is captured by Bruce Davidson taken in Ebbw Vale in 1965


Photograph from the publication ‘Skin Head’ by Nick Knight capturing the skin head era of the 1980s.


Phil’s choice;

The first picture shows “Thousands of people (marching) in protest against the Catalan’s government’s push for independence from Spain.”
The second shows Nicola Sturgeon taking a break from the SNP Conference to watch the Scotland – Slovenia football match.
I selected these images for documentary as they are linked by the theme of INDEPENDENCE.  The push for independence in Catalonia and the support for independence in Scotland by the SNP.
The first picture has a strong foreground interest with the observers on the balconies looking down on the crowds below.
The second picture shows the enthusiasm of those watching the match, cheering on their team.
Debby’s choice;
Katherine Switzer the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon in 1967.

Kathrine Switzer was told that running a marathon as a woman was impossible. She registered for the race as ‘K.V. Switzer’

Switzer was chased by a race official who tried to stop her competing.

Katherine said …………………….

“A big man, a huge man, with bared teeth was set to pounce, and before I could react he grabbed my shoulder and flung me back, screaming, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” Then he swiped down my front, trying to rip off my bib number, just as I leapt backward from him.”

She went on and finished the race in 4 hours 20 mins.

Women could not officially compete in the Boston Marathon until 1972.

In 2017, 12380 women completed the Boston Marathon.

Photos by Harry Trask of Boston Herald.


Grey Villet a Life Photographer visited Richard and Mildred Loving in 1966, in Virginia. Richard was white and Mildred was black, at a time when Virginia and 17 other states outlawed interracial marriage—their case was on its way to the Supreme Court.

The Civil Rights movement in America is often portrayed as a time of hate. This shows that the Civil Rights movement was also a fight for love and acceptance.



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