Documentary Project Complete

Documentary Photography – is a witness and social record of history past and present and everyday life. By the beginning of the twentieth century, photography was well on its way to becoming the visual language it is today, with its candid approach and become a vehicle for democratic communication.

Photographers used its growing influence to expose society’s dark secrets and triumphs.

During this period the tradition of documentary photography was also reinvented by artists who began to see the camera as a tool for social change, using it to shed light on injustice, inequality and the sidelined aspects of society known as ‘social documentary photography’. This can be seen in the work of Nan Goldin, Corrine Day and Richard Billingham.


Your task is to produce between 3-6 photographs exploring the theme of documentary photography.

What will be your subject choice: here are a few suggestions.

1). An event – capture a family/friends event, a community celebration.

2). An aspect of modern culture.

3). Or an aspect of the changing landscape/cityscape.


Picture Maker’s first practical brief complete here’s how they got on;

Kelly’s Photos

Weston Wall

Tenby Toilet



Joan’s Photos

photo class 037

photo class 050

Phil’s photos please click link –  Above the shops!

Debby’s photo’s – My project aims to highlight the cost to the environment due to societies love of convenience and how there are alternatives to pre packed, plastic packaging if people are willing to shop local and recycle.




Zena’s Photos






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