First Brief Completed

Picture Maker’s have just completed their first photographic Brief, here’s how they got on. Below is the outline of the brief followed by Eleanor and Jeff’s body of work.

Theme – Produce a series of images between 6-8 photographs  investigating the natural or Man made world. Suggestions; patterns in nature/ rhythms of life/ urban patterns

Your work should demonstrate how the frame can be used to construct a photograph demonstrating the three compositional elements we have looked at;  Line, Focus and vantage point.


  • The viewer of the photograph is instantly drawn to the point of focus.
  • The photographer guides the viewers attention to the point of focus.


The use of line is a major design tool that the photographer can use to structure the image. Line becomes apparent when the contrast between light and dark, colour, texture or shape serves to define an edge. The eye will instinctively follow  a line.

Vantage Point

  • A carefully chosen viewpoint/vantage point can often reveal the subject as familiar and yet strange.
  • In designing an effective photograph that will encourage the viewer to look more closely, and for longer, it is important to study your subject matter from all angles.

Eleanor’s photo collection



Eleanors Photographic Image

Jeff’s Photo collection

Building blocksAnchorDerelictionIn MemoriamMan without vanPassage


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