Eleanor’s Photo Walk in Swansea


Here’s a sneak peak into how Picture Maker Eleanor got on when we went on our Photographic walk around Swansea, starting The wonderful Glynn Vivian Art Gallery.

All Picture Maker’s were given the following handout -I structure the walk as a photo treasure hunt.

Picture Maker’s Photographic Walk 17.03.18

Composition: remember all the compositional elements we have discovered on the course;

Line, vantage point, ‘the whole truth’, subject placement, framing the subject, balance.

Photographic quality: Remember to go ‘P’ mode and use WB and ISO.

Take one photograph for each word

1). The letter ‘A’

letter a

2). Glynn Vivian

glynn vivian

3). The word ‘Swansea’


4). Shadow


5). Layer


6). Today’s date


7). Name


8). Price


9). Colour ‘Green’


10). St Patrick’s Day

st patrick

11). Texture


12). Movement


Fabulous Photographs Eleanor! Thank you for sharing them with us.



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