Join Picture Maker’s 6 week Photography Course starting 14th January 2019

Picture Maker’s 6 week photography course focuses upon the creative side of photography. You will learn how to get the best results from your camera and complete a series of photographic projects, open to all abilities.

What you will learn;

  •  Understand how a camera works (Compact Camera and DSLR)
  •  Composition and capturing a photograph
  • Explore photographic techniques; landscape and portraiture
  • Complete a series of mini – photographic projects themed; documentary etc.
  • Understand Photographic quality – White Balance and ISO
  • Photographic Walk

Equipment needed – Course is designed to use the minimum amount of equipment. You will require a digital camera compact or DSLR.

Course Fee £60 starting 14th January 2019 10am till 12pm

To book your place please or find out more please click ‘Become a Picture Maker’ or email sheree.murphy@hotmail.com26CUNNINGHAM-videoSixteenByNine1050-v2


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